Find your nearest RC and model aircraft flying fields and clubs with integrated real-time weather and forecasting. Find the best RC and glider slope to fly at and when, if slope-soaring is more your thing.

Our History

■ Established in 2016 by a group of enthusiastic R/C pilots who saw the need for a collaborative value-adding service to R/C pilots around the world, and to be proactive in counter-acting foreseeable threats to our much loved hobby of R/C aircraft by way of over-regulation due to the advent of millions of UAV hobbyists who (unwittingly) flout air-law.

■ We started out by researching all flying clubs and locations around the world – a process which took nearly 4 years, and through which we gathered as much public-facing data as possible for each flying location.

■ We collated this data and at the same time developed the first version of the app, “aeromura“, which we then launched to the global model aviation community in October of 2020, presenting pilots with the first value-add in terms of being able to identify each R/C flying club around the world, with integrated real-time weather and forecasting.

■ In 2021 we began a process of joining arms with various RC pilot organisations in various countries around the world, and we are encouraged that many of them have endorsed our vision and strategy together with the aeromura app - many of them now having engaged in an official partnership with us.

aeromura™ App History

June 2021

■ Introduced R/C kit manufacturers and R/C aircraft kits.

March 2022

■ Brought more value to slope and glider pilots.

October 2022

■ Added runways to each flying location, and dynamically identifying cross-winds and more, making our database the largest and most extensive of its kind in the world, and bringing more features relevant to the model aviation community than any other weather app out there, making aeromura™ the market leader in weather apps for the model aviation community

December 2022

■ Brought the model aviation community together for the first time, where we provided a way for pilots to see which pilots are local to them, and indeed the whole world, with a way to engage with each other directly from within the app

March 2023

■ Added the aircraft register with the ability for pilots to see what aircraft other pilots have in their fleet and to be able to showcase their own to the world

June 2023

■ Added the ability for pilots to record actual weather conditions at the field / slope for the benefit of other pilots

September 2023

■ Added the ability for pilots to be automatically checked-in to a flying location and eliminated the need for a manual sign-in register at all clubs, adding convenience to all pilots and club management. At the same time we added an electronic frequency board for all clubs, eliminating the need for a physical frequency board, and saving clubs the cost of erecting and maintaining one where required.

January 2024

■ Ability for pilots to keep a flight logbook for themselves and each of their aircraft, where that is their thing

Going Forward - The Future

■ We have an extensive development road-map for the app going forward, and as each further significant “piece of the puzzle” in terms of development toward our overall strategy and vision becomes available, an updated version of the app will be released

■ We are excited and encouraged that many 1000's of model aviation pilots around the globe have already downloaded the app and use it on a daily basis, to the benefit of the entire global model aviation community

■ We invite you to add your own comments, suggestions, ideas and contributions to be taken into consideration going forward with developments by clicking on the Feedback section of this page, no matter how small or big you may think your contribution may be – all is very valuable to us and the global model aviation community