Find your nearest RC and model aircraft flying fields, slopes, and clubs with integrated real-time weather and forecasting. Find the best RC and glider slope to fly at and when, if slope-soaring is more your thing.

aeromura™ is here!

The world's premier app for model aviators on top of their game. Released in 2019 and now in it's 4th incarnation, bringing the model aviation community together...with 1000's of model aviators around the world now actively using the app...
Shouldn't you also be using it, to gain all the benefits?

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It's 100% free to download and start funny business...just tap on a button below or scan the QR code with your mobile device to join the model aviation community today!
You can also use the app completely anonymously if you prefer - download the app and join the model aviation community today!
Fly to live! Live to fly!
Bringing the model aviation community together

What makes it useful

We spent 4 years of research for every model aviation flying location, club, and slope that we could find around the world.

We assembled all this data into our cloud (excuse the pun!) and now present it to you through the app, so everything is at your finger-tips in real-time from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are.

As a PILOT, you want to know...

actual weather conditions at the club or slope currently as reported by a pilot who is actually there
if conditions are good to fly at the moment at your local club or slope before venturing out - looking out of the window at home is often quite different to what is actually at the club
■ what flying opportunities there are at your local club or slope according to a specialized weather forecast for model aviators over the next 10 days
who has checked in to your favorite club or slope recently or currently and with what aircraft
who is currently also on your frequency when at your club or slope when you are not on 2.4Ghz
■ what the active runway is and what take-off/landing direction is recommended if you are a novice pilot
what clubs and slopes are available to fly at, near the destination of your trip
what pilots are in your local area or at the destination of your trip and engage with them
what aircraft your friends and local pilots have in their fleet
■ your flight logbook for yourself and each of your aircraft, if logbooks are your thing and you like to keep a logbook as in the real world
what pilots have been flying around the world, where, and with which aircraft
what kits, plans and manufacturers are available and their technical specifications such as centre of gravity and control throw settings and more

As a CLUB, you want to know...

what pilots are currently at the club, or have been in the past
what aircraft are local to the club
■ who has flown what and when at the club

Easy To Use

Just open the app anywhere in the world, and it will tell you where your closest clubs and slopes are, with integrated specialized model aviation real-time weather and forecasting together with recommendations of when its going to be cool to fly in the next 10 days

Responsive Layout

Seamlessly adapts to tablets or mobile phones

Cloud Support

All the data is cloud-based and always available to the model aviation community immediately, so everybody benefits from everybody else's local knowledge

How it works

Open up the app on your device from any location in the world, and get all the nearest flying locations and clubs, including slopes (if you are a slopie), together with integrated specialized model aviator real-time weather, forecasts and flying recommendations, according to your personal preferences

Download it

Download it for FREE from either the Apple Appstore or the Google Playstore

Install it

Start the app on your device and sign up (which you can also do anonymously)

Customize it

Adjust your settings according to your wind preferences (what winds you are comfortable flying in, according to your pilot skill-level), and more

Start using it

Open the app each day to get a bird's eye-view of where the best flying opportunites will be at which flying location and on what days and times will be best to fly in the week ahead

Clubs / Slopes

See what clubs and slopes there are in the world

Where can I fly nearby?

See where you can fly nearby or nearby to your destination, if traveling


See only the locations according to your preferences (such as only slopes, if you are a sloapie, or a combination of anything that suits you)


Find any model aviation pilot in the world and engage with them

Who is nearby?

See what pilots are nearby to you or nearby to your destination, if traveling


Search for any pilot in the world based on your own criteria


See what aircraft pilots have in their fleet


Engage with a pilot and make contact

Check Ins

See who has been checking in and flying at any club or slope in the world


See what pilots have checked in to your local club


See who has checked in to a club according to your own date criteria (today, yesterday, this week, this month, and more!)


See what aircraft are in pilot's fleets around the world, or nearby to you

Local aircraft

See what aircraft are nearby to you or nearby to your destination, if traveling


See who owns what aircraft and interact with them


Load your own aircraft and showcase them to the world

Flight logs

Log your flights if that's your thing and see what flights have been flogged nearby to you, or anywhere in the world


See who has been flying what around the world, or nearby to you

Local flights

See what flights have taken place nearby to you

Kits & Manufacturers

See what kits are available and which manufacturer makes them


Get technical specifications for each kit, such as centre-of-gravity and much more!


See which pilots own a kit from a manufacturer and collaborate with them

Flight Logbook

Keep a flight logbook for yourself if that's your thing


Keep a log of all the time you have flown


Keep a log of all the time you have flown on a specific aircraft in your fleet

Some screenshots

View and modify any flying location in real-time, for the benefit of the global model aviation community...explore detailed wind and weather forecasts for each flying location specialized for model aviation, or view a local map of where it's best to fly at the moment or over the next 10 days

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose this app over other weather apps?

■ This app is specifically designed for model aviation pilots

■ You get a bird’s-eye-view of the current flying conditions and real-time weather and forecasting at all your local flying locations, slopes and clubs - with other apps you only get the weather for a single location, unless you jump around between locations which can be inconvenient and time-consuming

■ Looking at the weather for a single location with a different weather app is not accurate enough to assume weather at a different flying location is the same - weather can differ vastly between flying locations, even locations seemingly close-by to each other

■ This app allows you to set your own personal preferences (according to what winds you are comfortable to fly in, for example, according to your skill level) - other apps don't take this into account

■ Other weather apps will not give you recommendations about your flying opportunities for the week ahead, right down to hourly recommendations, at various flying locations and clubs

■ Other weather apps do not give you additional information about each flying location or club (such as if it has a grass runway or not, or if it allows turbine flight or not, for example), and nor will they dynamically adjust what is available to you according to your present location - handy if you travel for example

■ Other weather apps will not quickly and automatically identify cross-wind conditions

■ Other weather apps do not quickly and automatically identify if a slope is actually flyable or not given the wind direction and speed, and neither will they identify cross-wind situations

Why do you need my email address on sign-up?

■ You can also sign-up anonymously, if you prefer, without entering your email address

We understand that this is a privacy concern, but there really is "method in our madness"

■ Most reputable systems these days use an email address to uniquely identify a user on their systems

■ We need it to communicate with our pilots about important issues from time-to-time, and we also need to communicate back to a pilot with a receipt when they purchase a subscription with us, for example

■ Future versions of the app will allow pilots to communicate with each other within the community through the use of the app - if your email address is not known, other pilots will not be able to send you messages

We have very strict security and controls around our pilot community data - your email address will NEVER be handed to anybody else, or sold:

■ We subscribe to, and believe in, the "CANSpam" act, a law in the United States which provides for heavy penalties for anybody who uses your email address for SPAM purposes, including us

■ All our pilot data and systems are heavily encrypted and protected behind firewalls and other security measures - not even we can read the data

■ Even if our systems were hacked and the pilot data stolen (anything is possible these days!), the stolen data would be worthless to the person who stole it, since it is all heavily encrypted, and unreadable without the "keys"

■ Only two people on this planet have the "keys" to our data centre, and it is kept in their heads - it is not even written down, or stored anywhere on any computer, so never retrievable by a hacker

Why do you ask for location permission with the app?

The app's central purpose is to give you relevant information about available flying locations and clubs together with integrated weather for those locations, relevant to your present position

■ It is used purely for serving you better with relevant information within the app, according to your present physical location

■ You can deny the app location access, if you so choose, but then some functionality will be limited

Why do you ask for permission for device file access with the app?

The app needs this to be able to write its (OWN ONLY!) files to your device - it needs to do this because it uses caching technology to help save you bandwidth for example

■ The app ONLY reads and writes its OWN files

■ The app will NEVER access any other file on your device, besides its OWN FILES ONLY - it actually CANNOT, even if it wanted to - your device's security features actually prevent this, although the permission dialogs on your device do not always explain this properly, unfortunately

Why do you ask for permission for photo / gallery access with the app?

The app needs this so that you can take photos with your camera or upload photos to the app (your profile photo or an aircraft photo, for example)

■ The app ONLY reads and writes photos which you explicitly request and authorize - it will never attempt to access anything else

■ The app ONLY activates the camera when you explicitly ask it to

How long can I use the app for before I have to pay?

You can always use the app for free, forever, but the premium weather will be limited after the initial 20 day trial period. Then you will need a subscription. We would love to make everything free for all our pilots forever, but unfortunately our weather providers charge us for the weather we provide to you, and we need to recover that cost somehow. A subscription is cheap though, and many pilots subscribe because they value what it gives them. We've even been told it is too cheap, for what they get in return for their money!

How much does a premium subscription cost?

A premium subscription costs 2 US dollars per month, or the discounted rate of 15 US dollars per year - or the same cost as a mere gallon of flight fuel, for an annual subscription

What do I get for my premium subscription?

Access to all the advanced features of the app, including real-time weather, forecasting, and recommendations. You will always have full access to all the features in the app, even though we deliver newer upgraded versions of the app during your subscription period, with more advanced features

I only fly for some months of the year - is it possible to only subscribe for the months I actually fly

Yes, you can subscribe only for the months that you actually fly - take out a monthly subscription for those months and then cancel that subscription when your flying season comes to an end. You can then later subscribe again when your flying season starts again

Can I cancel my subscription if I don't want it anymore?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time in the relevant app store, with no penalty

Can I add my own private flying locations?

Yes, you can - just mark them private so nobody else can see them or try to fly there

Our flying location is not for public use. How can I prevent other people from seeing or finding our club in the app?

Just edit your flying location from within the app, and mark it as private

I would prefer to have wind speed in mph. How do I change that?

Go to the settings page in the app and change the unit of speed to mph

Our flying club and location is no longer active. How do I set that in the app?

View the relevant flying location and edit it - mark it as in-active

I am a slopie - I am only interested in slope flying. How do I see only slopes in the app?

Go to the filter settings tab in the app and make sure only slopes are selected


Download it now

It's 100% free to download and start funny business...just tap on a button below or scan the QR code with your mobile device to join the model aviation community today!

You can also use the app completely anonymously if you prefer - download the app and join the model aviation community today!
Fly to live! Live to fly!
Bringing the model aviation community together

Pilot Testimonials

“ ”

I really like it so far!
Russ Nichols, United States

This will let you know what is happening at your local fields.. will be great to have this info if you travel to other locations during the flying season..
Stan Kopreski, United States

Avi Shahino, Israel

Ease of use and more informative than any other of its type
Barry Lewis, United Kingdom

Very handy little app. Especially if you are a slope flyer
Ben Osborne, Ireland

This app has useful information and seems to work quite well for the 1 week I've been using it. I believe it's quite new and is very promising
Stavros Michas

This application is very good. I use it daily and I am very satisfied.
Andrei Florentin, Romania

Great App, very easy to use. Nice to have the ability to locate flying fields. Well done!
Roger Spence, South Africa

Excellent app for all RC airplane and drone lovers, it works well and I recommend it
Diego Parraga, Spain

This is an exceptional tool for any RC pilot willing to go out and have fun with their model, you can check in advance flying conditions before you arrive to your field, very nice, awesome app.
Guillermo Castro, Argentina

Great app for RC pilots.
Doug Ross, South Africa

Really useful. Use it to plan all my drone flights now. Great to see what good flying spots there are nearby especially when I travel. Great job!
Joni Ledgerwood, South Africa

Just found this and adjusted it to fit my requirements. And boom can see where I fly and all the adjacent flying areas. Very handy. Well done!
Les Allen, Australia

Endorsements & Partnerships

aeromura™ is fully endorsed and supported by the following pilot organisations...
We are always working hard to get approval and endorsement by further pilot organisations

SAMAA (South African Model Aircraft Association)
South Africa

Ukraine Sports Federation

Brand Ambassadors

Reach out to the brand ambassador below for any query relating to aeromura™ for your region...

We are on the lookout for new brand ambassadors around the world
Interested in becoming a brand ambassador?
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Download it now

Download the app now for free from any of the app stores below!

You can also use the app completely anonymously if you prefer - download the app and join the model aviation community today!
Fly to live! Live to fly!
Bringing the model aviation community together